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I like food. I like writing. Here’s what happens when I nibble and scribble.

Los Angeles Times: ”Have we gone blog wild?” As online musings get ever more specialized, it’s a good time to be crazy about food.

Los Angeles Times: “Sweet somethings from far, far away” Frequent travelers know that one of the simple pleasures of being in a new place is being dumbfounded by all the unexpected treats.

Palo Alto Weekly: “Au revoir to L’Amie Donia” (PDF; kindly scroll to p. 27) An acclaimed restaurant closes after a decade of success.

Huffington Post: “Faux Gras: A carnivore’s guide to fake meat” A panel of professional carnivores name the best meat substitutes. They don’t mince words.

Huffington Post: “Grain trust” Grain is as American as apple pie. So it’s only natural that farmers who want to protect this land — and its amber waves — are growing it sustainably. Here are some of the best starchy staples.

Huffington Post: “How to stay mercury-free” This one got the fish industry nice and uptight.

Huffington Post: “Ice cream for a cooler planet” Dessert experts recommend their eco-favorites so that you can cool your palate and the planet at the same time.

Sierra: “Nukeable nutrition” When your culinary ambitions don’t extend beyond pushing buttons, try these Earth-friendly, zap-ready recommendations.

Sierra: “Drink responsibly: Beers that won’t give the planet a hangover” America’s premier beer people name their favorite eco-brands of brew.

Sierra: “A sustained buzz” Five experts filter their favorite eco-coffees.

Sierra: “Tea, green” Experts’ favorite herbal brews, all steeped in sustainability.

Sierra: “Sustainable slurping” Soup, the ultimate cold-weather food, comes in varieties that’ll get you warm without steaming up the planet.

Frommer’s: ”Free and Dirt-Cheap Eats” in OahuLas Vegas, and Washington, D.C.

And, for a vast array of restaurant recommendations in Napa, Sonoma, and San Francisco, check out my book, “Frommer’s Napa & Sonoma Day by Day.”

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